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About Vitamin Inspector

Vitamin Inspector is a very new highly intelligent, completely impartial and objective comparison and matching tool that makes it easier to choose the right supplement for you.

The brainchild of Karen Lily, an information systems analyst with knowledge of chemistry and a very keen interest in nutrition, Vitamin Inspector was designed to answer the questions:

  • What does Multi 'X' have in common with Multi 'Y'?
  • What ingredients are the same and how do the doses differ?
  • What ingredients are similar and could make good subsitutes for one another.
  • What would I be missing out on using Multi 'X' instead of Multi 'Y' and visa versa.

It also compares number of active ingredients and cost per day to give an indication of the 'value' present in a multi.

To see how Vitamin Inspector came about read The Vitamin Inspector Story.