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Vitamin Inspector is a free scientific unbiased online tool designed to compare supplements so you can make informed decisions on what is best for your health.

  • Easily see the difference between the most complex multi-vitamins
  • Helping you make decisions
  • Transparent. View the research behind each (non-trivial) ingredient match

Reviewing complex lists of ingredients written on vitamin bottles can be quite over-whelming to the health conscious person who wants to know, "Which bottle is right for me?" Vitamin Inspector makes it simple because it:

  • Allows you to browse multivitamins and sort by number of ingredients and costs
  • Includes ground breaking complete nutritional comparison which shows:
    • which ingredients are matched
    • the difference in dose
    • which ingredients are similar nutritionally (and the research behind this)
  • The unmatched vitamins and minerals are easily visibile just by clicking a button
Vitamin Inspector makes it simple to view the differences between the most complex dietary supplements.

Vitamin Inspector empowers you to find the best multi-vitamin.

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